What Sets Us Apart


While mobility and the internet continue to make significant advances in how organizations and people improve their operational and individual functionality, making mobile and on-line use right again is vital. Digitization, engineering and social media have brought manufacturing, people and societies together – malicious cyber activity threatens to break it.

METTCARE, an ideas company, has invented, designed, built and applied its unique technology to counter the effects of harmful digital and internet behavior with solutions that prevent cyber threats, data theft and unauthorized access. We are offering technology that truly inhibits rather than purely identifies security and privacy threats and breaches.

Our world-class enterprise technology solutions are based on years of expert know-how, depth of experience and the coming together of like-minded professionals. The result is a truly complex and unique technology that delivers an easy-to-use approach to customers in any industry in the public and private sectors. Real problems are solved. Customers’ individual goals and needs are met. Current and legacy systems are breadth new life.

Each METTCARE solution ensures the authentication, identification and user consent of data access and use based on customer identified requirements – the solutions are easily adoptable with realistic time lines for delivery, training and support. Data is never stored by METTCARE – data territoriality is preserved – the technology delivers positive outcomes globally in any geographic region supported by broadband or Wi-Fi and the available use of smartphones.

Organizational and data security and privacy are crucial. Countries around the world have vastly different regulations to protect their constituents. METTCARE technologies embody the highest standards and strictest rules that can apply in any country.

METTCARE, with its ongoing dedication, continues to invent, design, and build effective enterprise solutions with practical applications for mobile use – mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-on-line.