Government and Public Sector

Sensitive and Private Data Processing Standards Surpassed

Government and the public sector embodies many agencies required to process vast amounts of restricted government information and sensitive personal data generally in controlled environments, often outsourced to private enterprise to deliver goods and services to citizens or for their protection. Programs are funded mostly by taxpayer dollars. Ongoing pressure exists to deliver improved public services with shrinking budgets. Administrative and regulatory compliance and the need to protect sensitive and private data is omnipresent in all areas of government and the public sector.

Federal, state, provincial, regional, county and municipal governments; their health and transportation ministries; embassies; coast guards; agencies covering public works, drivers’ licences, citizenship, persons ID, and the passport offices; schools, colleges and universities, all categorically under the public sector, have very different mandates, budgets, levels of risk complexity, language reporting criteria and security treatment afforded information and data.

In response, METTCARE solutions surpass the diverse challenges with its unbreakable government-grade security system capable to handle the large-scale inter and intra agency transactional processing requirements. Compliance with international and local privacy laws are fundamental to METTCARE solutions, whose experts have studied the rules from around the world. Deployments are handled with the utmost of care to ensure that the sensitive nature of the government and public sector organizations standards are always respected and maintained.