Solutions for Home Care

METTCARE Mobile Video Conferencing is an excellent solution for preventing unnecessary emergency department visits and unnecessary EMS services by elderly patients in a case of loneliness and panic attacks. Experience had shown that many times just the ability to speak to a nurse helps prevent unnecessary call to EMS and visit to over-crowded emergency departments.

Diagrams Non-emergency patient to healthcare provider (GP) to specialist and Emergency patient to healthcare emergency responder (triage nurse) to emergency HC provider to specialist show scenarios that are equally applicable for the out-patient care and geriatric care. These solutions provide a highly efficient real-time response to patients’ needs and in many cases can prevent unnecessary cost for EMS and emergency department visit.

METTCARE’s mobile apps Mobile User Self-Assignment (M-SelfAssign), Mobile Patient Appointment Confirmation (M-PAC), and Mobile Patient Wellness Form and Contact Info Update (MyInfo) are great help to patients and hospitals in reducing hospital stay time and calls to the hospital administrative staff. Instead of spending more time at the hospital and occupying more time for clerical purposes, patients can do many activities from the comfort of their home.

The National Seniors Council of the Government of Canada suggests various approaches to the social isolation of seniors : “These efforts could be supported by information resources: messaging could refer audiences to and/or to a telephone service line that would inform older adults of services in their area, such as 1 800 O-Canada or other community information and referral networks (such as 211 Canada); and print-based information could be disseminated through various front-line networks and points-of-service, such as family physicians, emergency rooms, pharmacies or community-based businesses (e.g. hairdressers, coffee shops and grocery stores) and public facilities (e.g. libraries).” These requirements could be quite well matched by utilizing METTCARE’s mobile solutions.