Mobile Video Conferencing and EHR Document Viewing

METTCARE’s Telemedicine solutions are based on the practical requirements of the healthcare community and patients.

Mobile Video Conferencing Components

• Mobile Videoconference (multiparty/group)
Enables 2, 3 or more parties on a group mobile video call, with the ability of any individual party to drop off the call at any time. Healthcare providers would have to be logged on at all times to be accessible ad-hoc – that implies LTE network and/or local Wi-Fi. Patients need to be logged on only for that part of a particular session that they instantiate.
• Mobile file view during the Mobile Telemedicine session
NOVELTY: Not aware of anyone doing the live file view during the mobile video session. There is no file download on a mobile device, therefore there is no privacy breach. Source data stays with the original owner, and only consent-approved viewing of the remote data is available to parties in a conference session.
File types: pdf, doc, xls, images (jpg, png)
• OTG (On-The-Go USB) devices hook-up to the mobile device (medical, fingerprint reader, iris scanner).
• Bluetooth devices hook-up to the mobile device (medical).

Mobile Video Telemedicine Services
All connections are mobile device to mobile device (no laptops or land-based PCs required).
• Non-emergency patient to healthcare provider (GP) to specialist.
• Emergency patient to healthcare emergency responder (triage nurse) to emergency HC provider to specialist. Triage nurse drops off the call once patient and emergency HC provider are connected.
• Emergency EMS responders to emergency HC provider to specialist.