Mobile Telemedicine (MobiMed)

METTCARE MobiMed is a way of delivering telemedicine on mobile devices, guaranteeing privacy of each event that can deliver huge savings to the healthcare insurers, either governments or private ones. One of the main reasons why telemedicine is not being used in a much wider spectrum of the healthcare delivery is the fear of fraud and data leakage with serious implications for person’s privacy. Until the insurance companies and HMOs have a full trust into all factors associated with a telemedicine event, they will be reluctant to accept invoices from providers related to the telemedicine event.

METTCARE MobiMed uses verified sources of the healthcare providers and pre-registered users (patients and providers) to establish a mobile telemedicine session. METTCARE provides the proof that the event did occur, that there is no overbilling (i.e. doctor cannot see ten patients in one hour), that patient is correctly identified, therefore making a telemedicine session equivalent to the physical visit to the healthcare provider. METTCARE generates event certificates with all session attributes that are used for providers’ billing of the event.

METTCARE MobiMed can deliver healthcare services to “healthcare deserts”, areas with no or limited healthcare services and it enables cooperation between GPs, specialist, and patients in real-time based on the actual need. Real life experience shows that many times just the ability to speak to a nurse, saves a trip to the emergency department, which is a very costly event. A telemedicine session is a very cost-effective way of a healthcare service delivery.