Mobile Patient Self-Check-In and Facility Tracking (MobiSelf)

METTCARE MobiSelf app enables patients to self-check-in, self-track their location in the facility, and have a bi-directional communication with healthcare providers while ensuring that all the activity is conducted securely and all interactions are audited. It can be integrated with any legacy patients’ tracking system deployed at the healthcare facility.

Healthcare providers need to accurately track patient’s location in real-time throughout the clinic/hospital to facilitate faster care. Patient’s location is communicated to the healthcare provider and staff with the ability to notify patient on location changes. METTCARE MobiSelf helps healthcare providers to manage their time better by freeing empty slots and idle time (waiting on a patient while he/she is at the laboratory, etc.).

METTCARE MobiSelf resolves one of the primary privacy concerns – involuntary tracking – by enabling users to track their location only when required, unlike RFID tags that track you permanently, even when there is no need for it.