Mobile Medical Event Identifier (MediEvent)

METTCARE MediEvent is an app utilizing mobile devices and attached USB fingerprint scanners for the purpose of establishing and recording a medical event (vaccination, treatment, visit). METTCARE has developed a solution based on establishing of the person’s unique identity as a combination of wireless, telecom, biometric, and personal data, which can be used by the medical personnel delivering medical services to create verifiable and billable events. METTCARE generates event certificates that the service was actually delivered at the claimed territory, that there was no double billing as each person was uniquely identified, and that the service was actually delivered as confirmed by the fingerprint scan by the receiver of the health service.

When the World Health Organization (WHO) or Doctors Without Borders/Medicines sans frontières (MSF) want to conduct disease prevention programs (Ebola, malaria, yellow and Lassa fever) they are often faced with local corruption which prevents them from delivering help where needed. The reluctance of WHO and MSF to hand over funds to local governments, based on their fear of corruption, is limiting their ability to provide assistance and disease containment in a timely manner to achieve desired results.

METTCARE MediEvent generated event certificates serve as a primary billing factor reimbursable by WHO or MSF, avoiding any fear of fund mismanagement. METTCARE stores all collected data in a non-hackable format which can be accessed only by the authorized personnel for auditing and billing purposes.