Mobile Healthcare Provider Appointment Notification and Patient Tracking (M-Scroll)

METTCARE M-Scroll app enables healthcare providers to view in real-time their patients’ appointments and status, including the patient’s current location, while ensuring that patient’s information is secure and all interactions are audited. It helps providers with streamlining their daily activities, from any location, at any time. All communication is targeted for a requesting provider and his/her patients only, preventing information “leakage”. Providers are notified if their patient is delayed, the reason for the delay, as well as the current location of their checked-in patients. It allows for the next patient to be treated, when one is delayed or at the laboratory, speeding up the overall processing time. All manual steps and inaccuracies are removed from daily operational activities.

METTCARE M-Scroll helps decrease the overall patients’ processing time, without compromising the quality of care, while reducing the administrative time required to deal with patient tracking. No longer requiring additional personnel and removing the need for PCs and laptops, it greatly reduces the processing cost and increases face-to-face time providers can dedicate to their patients.