Healthcare Provider Presence (M-Presence)

METTCARE M-Presence app provides a real-time awareness of the whereabouts of the healthcare provider’s staff. Two particular areas can be addressed by this solution: a) resource allocation, b) infectious diseases control.

Resource Allocation in Real-Time

The intended use is primarily oriented to the emergency, critical care, and trauma departments as well as obstetrics. Hospital departments that are dealing with unpredictable events are faced with staff allocation problems as the volume and frequency of events are unpredictable. Recent years have seen a better use of statistical data to better manage staff allocation but real-life events do not always obey statistical predictions. Healthcare providers who are managing staff dealing with emergency and critical care have to be provided with a tool that would give them a real-time awareness of where their staff is at a given moment, including off-duty staff.

Mobile devices are the best tools to communicate in a dynamic environment like emergency departments. All messaging and events notifications are best handled by the METTCARE app. Healthcare providers have the real-time knowledge of where the other members of the staff are, and their status (busy, free, etc.). Data accumulated from the system use will provide the best source for the staff allocation management. Unlike RFID tagging, METTCARE app does not trace its users in involuntary fashion and does not breach privacy rules.

Infectious Diseases Control in Hospitals and Clinics

METTCARE M-Presence is an excellent way to track staff movement across not just single, but multiple facilities in an unobtrusive way. Even today, SARS outbreak of 2003 is still fresh in minds of many Toronto’s healthcare providers. One of the major issues at the time was the inability to quickly reconstruct the movements of healthcare providers between different clinics and hospitals. METTCARE’s solution provides real-time and historical data in a dashboard format that can be used by authorized users to help in limiting the spread of infectious diseases.