Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics is a fast growing branch of the data analytics. Healthcare providers, governments, academic communities, research institutions, and pharmaceuticals are all trying to get the access to the health and medical data as a highly valuable source of information.

Health and medical data is the ultimate source of information in reducing healthcare costs, optimizing existing and creating new healthcare technologies, demographics research and its correlation to diseases, pharmaceutical research and clinical trials.

Gaining access to the health and medical data is a very complicated issue due to privacy regulations, inter-clinical barriers, huge variety of data formats and sources, dispersed storage, and the lack of dynamic catalogues of data sources. Healthcare is one of the few activities dealing with the entire population, creating a highly dynamic environment with enormous data output. It is not just the data provided by healthcare providers, but also a huge volume of data generated by medical devices which is recorder but not always integrated into Electronic Health Record (EHR).