eXchange Health Care Framework

eXchange Health Care Framework

METTCARE eXchange is a trusted data broker guaranteeing that your private medical data stays private and that it cannot be used and distributed without your consent. It can store your medical data in your personal repository or redirect it to your family physician’s database where applicable. Having your personal medical data interpreted by a qualified healthcare provider is obviously the right thing to do.

METTCARE eXchange is a Hub and Spoke architecture that allows for the integration of various core systems into one logical system. Corporate environments present a maze of technologies and different solutions making it quite hard to get an enterprise view of all the data. Hub and Spoke solution resolves this complexity by creating a centralized enterprise hub that connects to each existing core system individually. All the business rules required for the particular core system (spoke) are resolved for a single dedicated connection to the hub.

METTCARE eXchange Health Care framework is an extension of the METTCARE eXchange basic configuration, adapted for the Health Care specific requirements. It uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) design (Diagram where several of the functional modules are implemented as stand-alone services. Users interact with a web application that is a consumer of these services, presenting the information and accessing the functions provided by each service. The web application and all services are deployed on the JBoss SOA platform running on the server.

There are many benefits to this architecture:
• Services can be reused by other applications, leveraging the investment made in the development of the services.
• JBoss SOA platform simplifies the integration of existing legacy applications and data sources, making it easier to further enhance the web application.
• New web applications deployed on the JBoss SOA platform can leverage the platform capabilities such as user authentication/authorization, database connections, messaging and more, without having to “re-invent the wheel” within each application.
• Services provide access to data while hiding the details of the database structure from the consumers of the service. Any changes to the underlying database server or table structures are handled by modifying the service rather than the applications using the service.

METTCARE eXchange Health Care framework uses the built-in connectivity features of the framework to access datasets from existing applications via HL7 messaging and/or JDBC database connections.

METTCARE eXchange also provides the ability to add missing functionality by tying together data from existing external databases. It provides one central location to access, manage and report on the data sets for patients. METTCARE eXchange has a built in Extract Translate and Load (ETL) module allowing for the definition of data extracts and job schedulers.

METTCARE eXchange Health Care framework has a built-in HL7 bi-directional interface supporting HL7 2.x.

METTCARE eXchange has a built-in email service allowing for the distribution of datasets and/or event notification.

METTCARE eXchange has a built in MS Office interface allowing for the exporting of data sets in either MS Word or MS Excel format. It supports the use of prebuilt MS Word and MS Excel templates. It provides the ability to extract load datasets into the DataMart database. It allows users to export datasets from existing applications to an MS Excel file. Optionally, the datasets can be exported to an MS Excel template, a MS Word document or template.