Electronic Health Record (EHR)

METTCARE EHR is based on these main principles:
1. Data access security and audit – see Healthcare and Medical Data Security: Access and Manipulation
2. Consent – see METTCARE Clinics Integration
3. Patient’s data is provided on the ‘view only’ principle. There is no data migration between two parties (the original data owner and the external requestor). This is a highly important principle as it resolves some of the primary problems faced by the healthcare providers as an obstacle in creating a virtual EHR. METTCARE uses its own METTCARE eXchange to connect various sources into a virtual EHR.
• The original data owner has the assurance that their data will not be misused in any way (selling data to marketing groups, unauthorized transfer to pharmaceuticals, news organizations, insurance brokers, etc.). METTCARE does not store health and medical data in any way on its own systems. They are the property of the healthcare institutions and METTCARE makes sure it stays so.
• Data is always current and therefore the most accurate. The data viewed by a healthcare provider is generated on demand in real-time. Data changes all the time, old misplaced information may become available that was not present before, and additional external data providers may appear after the last request. As the data requestor is not storing the data on its own site, it does not need a data synchronization process in place. It greatly reduces the cost of data management and increases the accuracy and quality of information provided to the healthcare provider.