Mobile Gateway

METTCARE Mobile Gateway is a mobile integration framework, bringing all relevant transactional data processing factors into a balanced and unified space. Mobile devices are overtaking PCs and laptops as means of internet access making them extremely important in planning for future requirements. METTCARE has invested a major effort in defining the deliverables of its solutions on mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, wearable mobile devices) using an innovative security approach and respecting all privacy regulations in the US, EU, UK, Canada, and other key countries. As mobile devices are quite vulnerable to intrusion , METTCARE approach is to store as little as possible on mobile devices – no business rules to copy and hack, making it impossible to reverse-generate programming or business logic.

METTCARE Mobile Gateway is applicable on the consumer level, on the enterprise level, on the e-Commerce level (integrating enterprise with consumers), and on the regulatory level (integrating government, law enforcement and regulatory agencies requirements with enterprise doing business). METTCARE achieves these goals by creating and optimizing connectivity, creating secure, consent-approved repositories of transactional event data and meta-data in order to improve the entire transactional process, thereby significantly reducing the cost of transactional data processing.