Healthcare and Life Sciences

Paradigm shift in Healthcare Interoperability and Data Ownership

Healthcare faces mammoth uphill challenges in the continuum of patient care juxtaposed with affordable services. Dynamic interoperable and advanced security systems are needed amidst a rapidly changing technologically connected industry. There is unprecedented growth in the volume of health and medical data at huge cost. Left as is, healthcare will continue to experience enormous cost increases and significant reductions in patient services.

METTCARE invented an industry realigning secure and private platform that offers to reduce escalating healthcare provisioning. Its vital technology does not aggregate data that rightfully belongs to the healthcare community and its patients but never the software service providers. This monumental distinction is a paradigm shift, removing layers of untrustworthy operating activity that has begun to impede the continuum of care model and is exponentially driving costs up. The unique modularity of METTCARE technology promotes the unparalleled reliability of its secure integration of existing healthcare infrastructure, prolonging the life cycle, and Internet of Things (IoT).