Cyber Secure Mobile and On-Line Products and Services

We are a group of technology professionals that started in the 80’s, have experienced all internet cycles and truly understand its complexities. Our simple idea – transform all modern organizations that operate over the internet – as long as they pass through our Mobile Gateway – offering security and privacy of data and data operations. Cyber threats are increasing. No one entity is safe. But all want to survive the digital and on-line era to come out ahead.

METTCARE enables organizations to stay digitally safe – secure and private within a controlled environment that is challenging – mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-on-line. No amount of data analytics, firewalls and encryption keeps everyone safe from cyber threats. With a new way of transacting over the internet using the mobile device, organizations and people that collectively engage with METTCARE will succeed in welcoming peace of mind from negative cyber conduct.

METTCARE is a new technology company that understands how to protect your business assets, deliver real security solutions, leaving the identification and response to security treats to METTCARE experts. Our IT solutions and advisory services for security and privacy in payments, healthcare, financial services, higher education, hospitality, government, telecommunications, manufacturing and retail will protect organizations from breaches and data theft while providing easy-to-use mobile applications to simplify day-to-day operability.