About Us

METTCARE Technologies Inc. (METTCARE) is an enterprise solution company with a strong emphasis on security and privacy/consent irrespective of industry. METTCARE core architecture is equally deployable in healthcare, education, financial technology, industrial infrastructure (SCADA), or any other decentralized and/or centralized environment. METTCARE’s founders have extensive IT and business experience across many industries, being at the forefront of new technologies since the 1980s.

METTCARE has invested a major effort in defining the deliverables of its solutions on mobile platforms (smart phones, tablets) using a proprietary security approach and respecting all privacy regulations in the U.S., EU, UK, Canada, and other key countries. As mobile devices are quite susceptible to intrusion, the METTCARE approach is to store as little as possible on mobile devices – no business rules to copy and hack, making it impossible to reverse-generate programming or business logic.